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The ultimate collection of Android Download APK files to help you to maintain your android smartphone in premium condition. Battery managers, cleanup tools or security apps, this Tools Android APK downloads category has everything you wish for to keep your device in shape!
CyanogenMod apps APK Android App
This android tool will help you to install cool CyanogenMod apps without rooting your device!
Cryptolocker cleaner APK Android App
Cryptolocker is one of the worst malware apps on the android market, when you install this software it will suddenly lock your device and ask for a ransom fee before you can unlock it again. This Cryptolocker APK cleaner will help you to remove this malware from your device before its too late! By the number one mobile security company, KS Mobile
Assisto APK Android App
The assisto android APK download tool has been developed to help you to report any kind of vehicle accident to your insurance company. With assisto you will never forget to note down any kind of info again when you got involved into a car accident
DU battery saver APK Android App
With this simple and lightweight android APK tool you can save up to 50 percent battery time! Use smart battery saving pre-sets, find the battery draining apps or problems and project your battery with various battery saving settings.
Apps 2 SD APK Android App
This Apps 2 SD android APK app allows you to move applications to your external storage (SD-card) and run them from the SD card
Whats my ping APK Android App
This android APK tool lets you test your internet reaction time by pinging to the worlds most reliable website:, if you can't ping this website you probably wont have any internet connection at all!

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Pokemon-Go Android APK
Pokemon Go
100-Pushups-workout Android APK
100 Pushups Workout
Learn-Python Android APK
Learn Python
Legend Android APK
MSQRD-2 Android APK
CallApp Android APK
Disney-Gif Android APK
Disney GIF
WhatsCall Android APK
Mood-Messenger Android APK
Mood Messenger
IP-Tools Android APK
IP Tools
Netmonitor Android APK